Capital Reconstruction

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On July 22, at the Baku Steel Company Factory, the production facilities equipped with modern equipment have been put into operation after major overhaul. A solemn opening ceremony was held at the plant related to it.

The substantial reorganization in the enterprise attracts attention both in terms of product output and expansion of export potential. The equipment manufactured by the leading companies from Germany, the United States, France, Italy and Turkey has been installed here. It is a remarkable event that the further expansion of Baku Steel Company, the flagship of the Azerbaijani Metallurgy, will continue with the Year of Industry, announced by President Ilham Aliyev.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Baku Steel Company Rasim Mammadov reminded that Baku Metallurgical Plant, the first modern steel melting plant in the Caucasus region, the first metallurgy plant of the country started operating with the blessings of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev 13 years ago. He mentioned that more than over 1 mln tons of 3.5 mln tons products produced in the factory were exported to foreign markets. It was noted that from now on, a new stage begins in Baku Steel Company's life. As a result of the reconstruction, the production capacity of the plant was increased from 250,000 to 1 million tons. Speaking about this, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board said that the company has not only supplied the local market with quality products, but also exported products to the foreign market with the Azerbaijani brand. The signing of 500 tonnes of export contracts has recently signaled the growing potential of the plant. Saying that the new technology requires high-skilled and skilled workers, Rasim Mammadov, also mentioned that in 2013 Steel Scolarship of Baku Steel Company was created. The student of the Azerbaijan Technical University who awarded with this scolarship currently works in the company. Regional Director of Siemens Samir Akhundov, vice-rector of Azerbaijan Technical University Prof. Mustafa Babakhanli, Professor of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Chemistry Ikhtiyar Bakhtiyarli and founder of Turkish CVS Makina Company Murat Karatekin also made a speech and highly appreciated application of modern technologies by company.

It was noted that capital reconstruction of the enterprise is not only a significant contribution to the Year of Industry, but also it will play an indispensable role in the development of non-oil sector,

After speeches the Steel Melting Furnace was put into operation. The ceremony participants got acquainted with the latest technologies installed at the plant. It was reported that reconstruction works started in 2012 and implemented without any suspension. The plant is equipped with a modern 50 tonnes armature electric arc furnace and furnace scoop equipment, manufactured by Siemens Vai from Germany. Also, a modern, uninterrupted molding machine made by Canada's SteelTek has been reconstructed and delivered to four-sided conditions. The enterprise is also supplied with the equipment produced by the leading companies in the United States, France, Italy, Turkey, India and other countries. As part of the reconstruction work, a central laboratory has been set up to enable accurate analyzes that meet world standards. This laboratory is equipped with high quality equipment produced by leading countries such as Japan, Germany, and Switzerland. Also large renovation works were carried out at the enterprise and clean micro climate was created. More than 20 local and foreign companies, as well as more than 500 engineers and technical staff were involved in all these works. Renovation works at Baku Steel Company have not only increased the volume and quality of the product, but also expanded its range.

In the plan of action for the Year of Industry, the expansion of the access of enterprises to the external market is also set as an important objective. Baku Steel Company is among the foremost in this direction, as its products are exported to Iran, Russia, Georgia and other countries. The company is also one of the largest taxpayers in the non-oil sector of the country. Baku Steel Company, which is the flagship of the Azerbaijani steelmaking industry, continues to convey the confidence of President Ilham Aliyev to the new targets set for the development of the industry.