Iron Man

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Baku Steel Company (BSC) OJSC is an advanced steelmaking company that plays a leading role in the metallurgical industry of Azerbaijan. The factory employs 1,122 people, of which more than a thousand are men and only 71 are women. One of the guarantees of replenishment of the company with young personnel is the "steel" scholarship established for the students of metallurgical faculties by BSC. The age of BSC employees is from 18 to 50 years.

Baku Steel Company OJSC is the largest metallurgical enterprise in the Caucasus. The official opening of the company on June 21, 2001 was attended by the national leader Heydar Aliyev.

The equipment from the United States, France, Turkey, India and other countries had beeen installed in the workshops. Thanks to the latest modernization, not only the quantity, but also the quality of the output has increased. The BSC carried out a lot of work on improvement, which allowed the entire plant to create a unique environmentally friendly microclimate. Since 2016, BSC has started to produce round billets, which allowed to produce the pipes entirely from its raw materials. The reconstruction of the plant involved more than 500 engineers - employees of more than twenty local and foreign companies.

The total steelmaking capacity of BSC is 1.1 million tonnes. The enterprise is constantly expanding its product range. For this purpose, two new rolling lines have been installed, on which the manufacture of multi-profiled angle bars, channels, I-beams, and a rolled wire has begun. Within the framework of the reconstruction of the enterprise, a central spectral laboratory has been created, capable of performing high-precision analysis of melts on equipment manufactured in Germany and Switzerland.