Our achievements

Baku Steel Company (BSC), founded by the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev in 2001, has always brought innovation to its country and industry. It is no coincidence that BSC, the largest steel molding enterprise in the Caucasus region, has been supplying construction industry with construction reinforcing bar.

Always with the demands of the time, the company has produced modern, cutting-edge technologies for the first time in Azerbaijan producing shapes, I beams, corners, structural channels and rolled-wires. Baku Steel Company, which has achieved its achievements, also produced the first round steel pallets in the region. These circular bodies, which are raw material for the production of seamless oil and gas pipes, once again show that our country's metallurgy field is at the highest level. Manufacture of round steel pans without the influence of outside environment has been produced not only for the first time in Azerbaijan, but also in the Caucasus region.

The innovation-oriented company has set up 60 tones of Siemens, a fully automated electrostatic furnace that meets the latest standards, and has set up a press scissors to cut metal from Vezzani. Innovation in such a large scale and latest standards is one of the first in the region that Baku Steel Company has implemented. With these innovations, the company has increased its productivity, quality and strengthened its production.

One of the first in the region is the Oxygen Plant, which was launched by President Ilham Aliyev in 2016. The Air Liquid, one of the leading companies in the world, with a capacity of 5,000 m3 / h, has produced a first-ever high-purity oxygen production in the country.

It is a sign of confidence in the quality that the company carries its name on the reinforcing bars it produces. Baku Steel Company, which does not end with innovation and is always looking for innovation, is the full supplier of Azerbaijan's metallurgical industry.