Ecological Policy

Every person must plant a tree, cultivate it and take care of it. By cutting a green tree any person makes harm not only to his people, nation or country, but to his family, to himself. Our main responsibility is to treat wonderful gifts, which the Nature presented to our people, with special care, so that we could preserve those numerous treasures for future generations.

Heydar Aliyev

     The whole history of mankind gives us a brilliant example of how tight we are connected to the Nature. It is not a coincidence that an intellectual and farsighted part of human beings have always tried to find and keep the balance between the progress for a Man and preservation for the Nature. This was the main goal of numerous actions and acts dedicated to the environment protection. One of such decisions was taken in Rio de Janeiro in 1922, when the Organization of the United Nations initiated the International Conference to accept an Act, which pointed out that the future of the world depended first of all on settling ecological problems.

     The first document on ecology accepted by the government for creation of ecological policy was “The Ecological Concept of Azerbaijan Republic”. This Concept reflected the main principles on settling the most urgent for our country problems on environmental protection.

     The main goal on ecological policy of Azerbaijan Republic is provision of meeting of existing and future generations’ needs, which can be achieved only based on protection of the ecosystem, preserving of economic potentials, and ensuring continuous progress due to efficient use of the natural reserves. As an example of President Ilham Aliyev’s care for the Nature we can mention his initiative to declare the year of 2010 as the “year of ecology”. In 2014, at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the results of the first quarter of the year Mr. President spoke about ecological problems and pointed out: “Ecological issues are within our constant attention”.

     Following the precepts of Heydar Aliyev and the policy of Ilham Aliyev Baku Steel Company tries its best not only to preserve the nature but also to make it better. The following facts are not just a coincidence; they have been realized with the purpose mentioned above. During reconstruction of production premises the Company carried out a project on planting and landscape gardening of the site and established a special gas/dust collector. Due to this equipment the dust and harmful gases produced during the manufacturing process are captured and pass through special filters, and then processed air is released to the atmosphere.

     Another example refers to metal objects, which become useless and are spread as scrap all over the country. These metal wastes are bought by BSC and carried to the company site for further processing and melting in the furnace. So, first, the nature is cleaned from metal wastes and second, by buying metal wastes and selling metal products, we contribute to progress of the country’s economy.  

     The above facts prove that the ecological policy of Baku Steel Company serve not only people but the Nature as a whole.