Azerbaijan's first metallurgical company, Baku Steel Company, is engaged in steel production since May 2001. Ever since its creation, it has taken steps to move forward with its high quality, innovation. It is no coincidence that the company, which has expanded its scope of activity, currently has two electric arc furnaces and three rolling lines, bringing annual production capacity to 1000000 tons (one million tons).

     Technological operations on the 60-ton Electric Tail Pallet begin with the preparation and preparation of the chassis. The metal wastes included in the plant is sorted, cut into presses, pressed for briquetting, sent to the shale areas of the shops in accordance with the standard. The Metal wastes contains 87-90% ready-made products (66-67 tons of ready-made coating of 58-60 tons of metal), with a 65% steel wastes, 10% cast iron lubricant, and HBI or Okatish (DRI) -25%. Both electric arc furnaces (EQS) work with metal scrap, into the Shikhta area, cut into metal, cut into the standard, fit into the furnaces and deliver to the furnace.

     Baku Steel Company, the flagship of the black metallurgical industry in our country, is following the achievements in modern technology, science and technology to maintain its standing in the forefront. For this purpose, the Vezzani Italian press scissors and packaging machine for modern metal scrap production has been installed to increase the productivity of the Shikhta area. In order to increase the production, operating in automated molding process, all electronic protection systems are fully electronic 60 tones Electric Arc Furnace produced by Germany's Siemens VAI was installed and in order to protect environmental cleanliness and clean polluted air by this furnace gas-dust cleaning device of Demora Company working under automatic work condition also installed here.    

    The 60-ton Electric Tail Furnace is equipped with new systems that control the process of carbon monoxide emissions. Additionally, 3 combined 4 MWT RCB fixtures perfectly oxygen and carbon to optimize the process of blowing up the electrically-arc furnace, as well as perfectly absorb energy from the exothermic reactions of gas, oxygen and carbon. In the process of rolling, the main unit of power is automatically controlled by the program.    

     Liquid metal is made from steel furnaces and ferrous metals, lime and other components are supplied to meet the steel requirements of the standard. Liquid metal, which is included in the furnace rig, is processed, temperature, chemical composition and so on prepared according to the order. Liquid metal is recycled by the CVS firm, after being processed in a furnace, to an automated uninterrupted pallet dump machine.    

     Continuous molding machine (FPTM), with four quarters, for a period of 35 to 40 minutes, cut into 6 or 12 meters long billets (100x100mm to 150x150mm), cut automatically by cutting method and recyclable by refrigeration area. In the field of treatment of billets, the billets are examined from technical supervision and the defects are detected and they are given to the recycling area of ​​the rolling mill, rolling shop according to the order.

     Depending on the order in the rolling shop, the square billets are heated in the heating furnace by heating the thermo mechanical process in different sizes, i.e. Ø 10-32 mm reinforcing bars, 5.5mm; 7 mm and 8 mm diameter cranks are produced. In Turkey, the ATAMET has a 40-125 mm corner, 80-mm-long structural channel and a 100-140 mm I beams.

    Starting from 2014, the 2nd Electrical Power Plant (EPES-2) started the construction of a round billets since January 2016. The two-way round billets, developed by VNIIMETMASH, is equipped with modern systems. Round billets are molded into a closed system made of special refractory materials to prevent contact with the air and to avoid contamination from the environment.

    At present, the diameter of the tubes of 130mm, 160mm, 170mm, 190mm, 220mm, is manufactured up to 3000mm - 6000mm - 12000mm depending on the demand. Because these components are designed for pipe emissions, high quality steel brands, based on St20, St 45,09G2C, 32G2 and so on.

      The management of the company always emphasizes the quality of the products, from the beginning to the end of the molding process, to control the quality of our products, the most up-to-date state-of-the-art technology of the US "BAIRD" DV-6 and Japanese "SHIMADZU" PDA-7000 optical emission spectrum analyzers. Samples from furnaces, scoops and uninterrupted molding are transmitted to the laboratory by compressed air and the response is analyzed to the control computer.

      As Baku Steel Company, our quality is our highest indicator, and we will continually improve this indicator.