Based on a single window principle, on June 24, 2008, the Caspian Pipeline, located in Gobu, is now part of the Baku Steel Company group of companies. Here the latest technologies are used to produce spiral stitched tubes.

Spiral welded pipes are manufactured on the basis of the following specifications, whether or not insulation is available on the inside or outside surface:


  • Polyethylene coating;
  • Paint-coated;
  • Epoxy resin coating;
  • Concrete coating;
  • Glass fiber fabric coating;

Depending on the diameter and shape of the insulation, these pipes can be used in gas distribution lines, still and technical water lines, industry, high pressure lines and other lines.

Tubes manufactured by the enterprise are tested in water testers at internal testing laboratories with 120 a/t pressure and ultra-sound X-ray devices. Depending on the purpose, the spiral stitched pipes of different types of steel must meet the following requirements:

  • High resistance;
  • High pressure resistance;
  • sustainability;
  • Elasticity

To meet the requirements of domestic and foreign markets and to continue competition, the company bases on the quality standards of the United States, Germany and Russia.