Who We are


We are Baku Steel Company, the largest metallurgical company in the Caucasus, having its own place in the economy of the country, established by Heydar Aliyev, the greatest leader of Azerbaijan. Taking technological innovations, applying innovative equipment, we always keep our company ahead. It is not accidental that our furnace has been replaced by the furnace of the Siemens VAI company, which meets new and complete modern standards in the CIS, Turkey and Iran.

Furnace producing thirty alloys and annual 550 thousand tones of products us equipped with the most up-to-date 3 3.5 MW gas oxygen furnace that allow you to use chemical energy. By doing so, we reduce the cost of leakage by lowering the electricity consumption. This means an increase in the quality, variety and quantity of produced products.

The company always developing its export policy, is exporting its products to Russia, Georgia and other countries, and cooperates with world-renowned companies, such as Siemens VAI, Demora, Danieli, Vezzani, Air Liquid, CVS, and others. BSC is also one of the major taxpayers in the non-oil sector of country.

As a member of the Azerbaijan Society of Metallurgists, we can say that it is the result of application of innovations by our metallurgists' professionalism and the management's that the products produced by Baku Steel Company are not inferior to those produced abroad. Our development, our policy once again shows that our steps were correct.