Security measures can lead to improved working conditions for the employer and the worker. It not only enhances the physical efficiency of employees, but also protects their lives. Failure to maintain security, as well as human neglect, carefree approach, inadequate skills, and lack of proper control can lead to many incidents.

      The Great Leader Heydar Aliyev said, "Prevention of an event is easier than eliminating its consequences after that event." We, as Baku Steel Company, strive for this motto. The company management, who understands all these things, has created a number of departments to prevent such incidents:

  • Training center
  • Health, Labor Safety and Environmental Protection Department
  • Pyrotechnics department

    The Training Center operates in the company with the purpose of training and promoting Health, Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection norms and standards. This Center is crucial to raising employees' knowledge about occupational safety, preventing industrial accidents, and minimizing the number of injuries.

     The HSE department controls the compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, guidelines, production, sanitation and hygiene requirements for occupational safety and security in all divisions and industries. It also participates in the compliance of existing laws, instructions, rules and regulations, preparation and implementation of a project on perspective and annual plans for the fire safety, fire and explosion prevention, improvement of working conditions and occupational health and employee health.



Metal wastes and equipment are supplied to the company from all over Azerbaijan for the production process. Sometimes these wastes include military ammunition, unexploded grenades, and some other dangerous equipment. The fall of such dangerous weapons to Steel Furnace can cause great disasters. To prevent such catastrophes, the Plant Management established Pirotechnics department.

   The staff of this department ensures the selection and explosion safety of explosive and explosion hazardous military ammunition, objects and substances during the process of acceptance and processing of metal wastes. When explosion-hazardous goods are detected, immediate security measures are taken against identified ammunition and other explosive substances and items. The surrounding workers are safely removed from the hazard zone, accompanied by the removal of them into a temporary detention center, without endangering the surrounding area. Company collaborates with the Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan in connection with disarmament of weapons and elimination of environmental damage.

     Occupational safety and security techniques, fire protection and environmental protection are regulated in accordance with Labor Code and other legislative acts, state norms and standards. Employees are supervised to create healthy working conditions for healthy and safe working conditions, employees are provided with customized clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment, free milk and dairy products, therapeutic and prophylactic meals, and are subject to compulsory medical examination once a year.

     Human factor, protection of human life is one of the main tasks for our enterprise. In order to facilitate the working conditions of people and ensure their safety, Baku Steel Company is engaged in automation and updating of all processes every year. Our director Rasim Mammadov has a remarkable role in this work. As Baku Steel Company, we want to develop not only our company, but even our entire Azerbaijan, and we will step in by choosing our policy correctly for the realization of this desire.